Thursday, February 9, 2012

7 More Videos

Last week's video countdown had such a good response - and there's been so much going on around here, my daughter had a lot of YouTube time this week - that I've got seven more to share!

7.) Don't Know Y with Norah Jones - I probably like this better than my daughter because in graduate school I earned extra money doing fMRI experiments and this song always makes me think of being in the scanner. They would play music in between scans, and this song was really popular at the time. Those were some crazy days, and I'm pretty sure my brain messed up a lot of experiments (outlier = me) but at least I learned that I didn't have a brain tumor. At least not an obvious brain tumor.

6.) Furry Happy Monsters with REM - I would put this higher on the list (check out the crazy green monster's moves) but I'm not the boss around here anymore. I'm just glad it's in the mix.

5.) Love Love Love a Lever with Sutton Foster - I have a love/hate relationship with show tunes, but who doesn't love a lever? That's just un-American!

4.) Bye Bye Binky - "Elmo wants to talk so people understand." We all do, Elmo. We all do.

3.) ABC Disco with Grover - it's like a condensed version of Saturday night fever, without the adult plot elements.

2.) Elmo's Got the Moves - yes, Elmo. I do have the moves.

1.) Primary Colors with OK Go - the fact that I found this video before my daughter but didn't show it to her, and that she found it and fell in love with it all on her own rocks my world. The fact that she loves the music I love - dance, trance, house, techno, electronica, etc. - is nothing short of incredible after years of her father coming in the room asking "what is this crap?" This crap? This crap is AWESOME!

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