Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Reject's Top Five: Unanticipated Perks of Parenting

There are some highlights of becoming a parent that you can totally envision before your child arrives. Others are a bit less expected. Here is a short list of the (mostly) good things that I did not foresee about becoming a parent.

5.) Other parents - You can meet some great people through your kids. I would put this higher on the list, but you can also meet some real duds.

4.) Day drinking - This is self explanatory. When you're the boss, the only one searching for bottles of booze in your desk drawers! (Also a good way to evaluate potential playdate partners in crime. See above.)

3.) Sandra Boynton and Dr. Seuss - You can insert your own favorite children's authors here. Getting to read entertaining stories that rhyme over and over again is pretty cool.

2.) Mummy Tummy - This is all about seeing the silver lining. I don't worry about toning my stomach anymore because other people already assume I am pregnant and I no longer bother to correct them.

1.) Kids Menus - In addition to whatever "adult" entree I feel like ordering I can now have mac and cheese with every meal (ditto fries, chicken strips, grilled cheese, or pancakes). Of course, I can't sit down long enough to eat it, but I can say from experience that peripatetic pasta tastes just as delicious as the seated kind. And for those of you who are opposed to kids menus, my daughter doesn't really eat anything except olives, cheese, and salami so this is all about me, not her self-imposed Atkins palate.


  1. My question: are the olives she eats the ones out of your martini? I only ask due to my own experiences . . .